Chuck Russo Professional Disc Jockey offers DJ services for weddings and all types of events in New Jersey and the surrounding Tri-State area.

Beginning with a radio career in 1975 at WDHA FM and most recently heard on Star 99.1 FM, Chuck has a total of fourteen years of on-air radio announcing, commercial production and corporate voice-over that sets him apart from your average party DJ.

Established in 1985, his professional DJ service has provided clients with an extremely classy, customer-focused service for almost 30 years.

Chuck is a seasoned professional with more than 30 years in the music business—with a long list of satisfied clients to compliment his years of experience.




The Professional Choice

Want to know what makes Chuck Russo not only a great choice, but the right choice for your event?

An actual disc jockey

Chuck got his start in radio back when emceeing was an art and vinyl records played the hits. He's got the voice of a professional and a level of classiness that can't be rivaled.


Musical Variety

Want variety? How does a million songs sound? That's what Chuck brings to every event, with access to over another 15 millions more. Just try to stump him with a request.

Seasoned and experienced

He didn't just buy a laptop and start blasting music at parties. Chuck has decades of radio, voice-over and event experience that puts him head-and-shoulders above the rest.


Top-of-the-Line Equipment

For all you audiophiles out there, Chuck uses nothing but the best equipment from top commercial names in the business—like Rane, Numark, Mackie, Gemini, Fender and Shure.

Guaranteed Security

With Chuck, the show will go on. You will never be without music—even if the power goes out. He brings numerous sound systems AND a generator, to every event. Just in case.


It's about you

Your event, your day—is all about you. Chuck isn't a diva. He doesn't sing and he doesn't dance. He doesn't need all eyes on him to do his job right. And he certainly doesn't fist pump.





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