Frequently Asked Questions


What's your pricing like?

Always competitive.  Please, don't hesitate to contact me for specifics.

Are you insured?

Yes, with a $2M Liability policy.

Can we submit a playlist?

I insist you do!  This way, it is way more helpful for me to understand/give you the type of event you wish to have.

Can we meet to discuss our wedding day?

As often as you like!  Although, most couples prefer a phone call because of their busy schedules.

Why should I hire you and not the other company?

You want the best for your special day, right?  I'm not like the other companies.  My services are classy, refined, fun and always professional.  I'm not a fist pumping Jersey Shore DJ, but a pro with experience that covers 20+ years and over 2,500 weddings.

Why should I hire a dj instead of playing my own ipod/iphone playlist?

Anyone can "do it yourself".  An experienced DJ facilitates a great time, knowing what to play and when to play it.  Every party/wedding has its own character and an iPod (or someone controlling that iPod) doesn't have the know-how on how to manage the crowd.